Twitter Tech Marketing

Twitter Ads RESULTSdriven through Artificial Intelligence

Massive Ad Structures

Massive Ad Structures

Create thousands of microsegmentations per campaign in a few minutes

Predictive Data

Predictive Data

Learn from your audiences, find patterns, behaviors and extract actionable data

Bidding Algorithms

Bidding Algorithms

Evaluate all of your ads, making real time decisions based on KPI's & ROI

Success Stories

Iberia, Glovo and Subasta de Ocio relied on T2M to achieve their Digital Marketing objectives through Twitter Ads and got outstanding results in qualified lead generation while learning from their real costumers behavior.


Promotion of routes from Europe and Latin America through more than 1,350 segmentations. The Spanish market shows a search cost of 10 times less than the best metric achieved in Social Media.

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T2M doesn't only allow you to improve your Twitter ads performance to optimize your Digital Marketing budget by learning from its Artificial Intelligence system: It also allows you to monitor your campaign results 24/7 and provides you and your Marketing team with valuable information that will ease decision making processes.

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